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Lemon floral water

Lemon floral water

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Our Floral Waters are bio-relaxing supplements, rich in exceptionally organic plants, such as Lemon, Melissa, Lavender, Hawthorn, Vetiver and Pennyroyal, among others, which combine purifying, diuretic, antiseptic, relaxing and anti-inflammatory actions. We can use them alone or in combination with other Dulkamara Bamboo products, thereby increasing and personalizing the effects. For example, it is effective and gratifying to moisten the skin with Floral Water and apply an emulsion on the skin that is still damp, as is mixing Floral Water with the Bamboo Vegetable Peeling for its application.
Lemon Floral Water: With ingredients that tone tissues, it is of great help in case of varicose veins, edema and fluid retention in the legs. Its Lemon content, with purifying and diuretic action, is very useful for moisturizing, improving blood circulation and recovering lost minerals, and Melisa, a herbaceous plant with white or pink flowers, which contains rosmarinic and caffeic acids that improve lymphatic circulation.

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Type of skin

Acne-prone skin, Oily skin, Mature skin, Combination skin, Rosacea skin, Dry skin, Sensitive skin, Postpartum

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  • Ingredients

    "Aqua • Melissa officinalis leaf extract • Citrus limonum peel oil • Parfum • Limonene* * of its natural essential oils"
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  • Applications

    "Shake before using. They can be applied as a spray or directly by hand on the skin. If we moisten the skin of the body with a Floral Water, before applying an emulsion, we will optimize its effect. They can be mixed with the Bamboo Vegetable Peeling, both for facial and body use. Add 1 ml of the chosen Floral Water, in the water to remove the Mask"
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