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Bamboo vegetable peeling

Bamboo vegetable peeling

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Superficial, draining and purifying exfoliation for natural and healthy skin care. Renews, regenerates and releases the superficial layers, eliminating dead cells and excess keratin that accumulate in the epidermis.
The formulation of this micronized has been conceived for facial and body treatments. It rejuvenates the epidermis with an evident tightening effect, unifies the tone, unclogs and refines the pore, improves circulatory disorders, contributes to skin repair and is highly indicated for those with couperose, spots and wrinkles or as complementary care for acne marks. acne.
The synergies obtained from Acacia resin, Rhassoul, Germanic Iris or Bamboo, among other ingredients, enrich this product with brilliant regenerating results, making the skin look finer, softer and rejuvenated.

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Type of skin

Piel acneica, Piel grasa, Piel madura, Piel mixta, Piel rosácea, Piel sensible, Post posparto

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  • Ingredients

    Acacia senegal gum extract Iris germanica root Kaolin Moroccan lava clay Rosmarinus officinalis leaf powder Bambusa arundinacea stem powder Dypterix odorata seed extract
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  • Applications

    Mix this micronized with Bamboo virginal milk or Dulkamara bamboo floral water until obtaining a semi-liquid paste, somewhat gelled, which we will apply with the fingertips, massaging gently. Have water ready in a small bowl as you have to moisten the mixture during application. Facial peeling: (face, neck, décolleté) we will mix 1.5 g of micronized with 1.5 ml of water or floral water. We will choose: Lemon floral water in the case of skin with blemishes, acne and oiliness. Lavender floral water in the case of redness and couperosis. Vetiver floral water for devitalized skin. Massage for 3 - 5 minutes. Body peeling: ideal for legs, back, hands and arms. Mix 10 g of micronized per 10 ml of water or a Dulkamara bamboo floral water, for full body exfoliation. We will choose: Lemon floral water for edema and cellulite, lymphatic temperaments, Lavender floral water for varicose veins or spider veins, sanguine temperaments and Vetiver floral water in cases of capillary fragility or emotional congestion, nervous temperaments. Massage 20 minutes on each side.
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