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Rice Vegetable Protector

Rice Vegetable Protector

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100% rice-based loose powder. These invisible, imperceptible loose powders instantly soothe irritated skin. They correct imperfections, absorb excess fat and blur the size of pores.
  • On irritated skin: instantly soothes, protects and hydrates
  • On baby's skin: soothes irritations caused by diaper rubbing on the skin
  • Before and after waxing: prepares and soothes the skin to avoid possible irritations
  • Instantly soothes chafing on heels and feet from sandals or shoes

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Type of skin

Oily skin, Combination skin, Normal skin, Sensitive skin

skin condition

Dark spots, Reactive skin

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  • Ingredients

    A pure formula that includes only 100% rice powder; without talc or other aggressive agents. Rice stands out for its large amount of protein, vitamins and minerals with moisturizing and antioxidant action.
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  • Applications

    Whenever you need it, apply an adequate amount according to the area to be treated. For makeup or to mattify shine on the face, apply with a brush.
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