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bamboo saps

bamboo saps

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Extracted from plants, fruits and berries, this bio cleanser synchronizes cleansing, toning, purification and intense remineralizing nutrition, essential in the cell regeneration process that ensures youthful skin.

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Type of skin

Acne-prone skin, Oily skin, Combination skin

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  • Ingredients

    Helianthus annuus seed oil Rosa centifolia flower extract Centella asiatica extract Triticum vulgare germ oil Parfum Linalool* Benzyl benzoate* Geraniol* Farnesol*
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  • Applications

    Always shake before use. Always apply it with a gentle massage, caressing the skin, day or night. The mix of revitalizing Oil with Bamboo Virgin Milk enhances its balsamic, supple and rejuvenating action. Ideal for the eye contour. Highly recommended on cold mornings or after shaving. Mixed with the Firming Emulsion, we will achieve a unique action in sagging areas. If we mix it with Phyto-body emulsion we will get a great result in anti-stretch mark actions. In case of pregnancy, from the beginning, we will apply the revitalizing Oil on the belly, breasts and hips. We will improve its effect by alternating its application with the Body Phyto-emulsion or with the mixture of both products. On oily skin, we will mix the revitalizing Oil with a few drops of Bamboo Saps for its application. The Revitalizing Oil can be mixed with any of the dulkamara bamboo emulsions and reinforces and enhances the action of all of them, as well as facilitating application and massage. This practice is highly recommended, especially in very dry skin.
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