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Nature self-supplies us with everything necessary to heal and regenerate body, soul and skin. My dream is that one day all women, when we contemplate our body and the expression that the passage of time has left on it, feel gratitude for the present moment and recognize it as a pure Celebration of Life.

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Laura Puga

If my soul could speak, it would whisper “Attura” in my ear.
Atura means “stop”, “stop”, and it is the word that has resonated most with me in recent years as an internal voice of great wisdom. Although I would like to ignore it, Life has shown it to me in a forceful way, especially there were two important stops that marked me, hence the double T in Attura.

The first stop of my life was motivated by health; The second was thanks to motherhood. In both, I was invited to “stop doing” and “feel.” To reconnect with stillness, to silence the noise of the mind, to stop continuous self-demand and control. And it was from stopping, stopping doing...
that I was able to reconnect with myself, with my real needs; with my essence.

From that moment of awareness, I also stopped doing everything alone and shared my professional project with my family. The best decision I could have made!

All the cosmetics that you will find on this website are tested and studied for months at CALMA (my Wellaging center in Barcelona) where we develop work protocols for cabin and home with the different brands that you will find on this website.

Adela Casabo

As a child, she loved dolls, with long hair so she could comb them.

At the age of 20, she decided to start studying hairdressing and since then she has dedicated a large part of her professional career to working as a stylist in different beauty salons in Barcelona and Girona.

Owner of two salons of her own that she has led for a few years, in which she no longer works but is dedicated to hair styling for the bride and guests at the wedding venue.

Currently very involved and dedicated to natural cosmetics advice

capillary at with continuous training and search for the best products to offer and sell.

In charge of the sales and logistics section, she puts all her effort into making buying at something more than just purchasing an order, a beautiful experience transmitting gratitude and personalized customer service.


When you buy in our online store you support a family business where I assure you that many hours are dedicated and everything is done with a lot of love. In our online store you will find much more than natural cosmetics!



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